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Our Story

The Caring Link found its start in an elementary school hallway. Filled to bursting with piles of coats and jackets, this hallway held the potential to serve students as a dedicated space for much-needed resources. All it took were a few shelves, a hanging rack, and some TLC. 

Within a few weeks, Lynn Fanning Elementary’s Care Closet was born, stocked with clothing, shoes, school supplies, toiletries and other essentials to equip students with the items they needed to succeed in the classroom. Soon, two more Care Closets were established at Moores Mill Intermediate School and Meridianville Middle School, expanding the number of students served by this mission and spreading care from one school to the next.

Our Mission

The Caring Link meets the needs of local students by providing essential items—including clothing, coats, shoes, school supplies, food assistance, and toiletries—through the establishment and maintenance of onsite Care Closets within Madison County, Alabama schools and surrounding areas. The Caring Link also sponsors student participation in education-based events such as book fairs, field trips, and extracurricular activities. 

The goal of The Caring Link is to promote equity among classroom peers and to remove the distraction of unmet basic needs so that students may focus on the task of learning. This is accomplished through the support of volunteers and financial donations/fundraising.

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